This is The Most Expensive Fighting Cock on The Market

This is The Most Expensive Fighting Cock on The Market

This is The Most Expensive Fighting Cock on The Market – This Bangkok chicken that exists is known to be of the rooster breed. The one from this Bangkok chicken also has different characteristics from the other kinds of chicken. This healthy Bangkok chicken has a very large body size and also a sturdy stature. His eyes even appear bright when you see them immediately, they even have a long neck.

The rose comb and the short wattle are red. The beak of the Bangkok chicken is yellow, it looks longer and thicker. The legs of this Bangkok chicken even look round and dry. Some of the scales are yellow and some look neat. And that’s also the weight or also from the weight between 3-4 kg as adults.

With the above characteristics, this Bangkok chicken is actually able to move swiftly, fast when going to cockfights. The blow from this Bangkok cock is really hard and can also kill the opponent. It’s not that humans are the only ones who are truly intelligent. And also Bangkok chickens are even known to have really good intelligence so that they make them superior when fighting.

No wonder this Bangkok chicken has become a prima donna. Many people who are there buy it as a pet. Accordingly, the price of this fighting cock is actually very expensive. It can even cost millions of rupiah per head for a good quality Bangkok chicken.

Bangkok Chickens Do a Lot of Crossbreeding

With the rise for cross-breeding in Bangkok chickens to be able to get superior seeds. And also here are several types of Bangkok chicken according to the style and color of the feathers. They have a black base in color, some are reddish in color, and their yellow tail is reddish. This variation is even more likely to have you see it in normal areas.

The basic color is reddish yellow or there is also gold from the body so there are rawis. The authentic Bangkok chicken from Klawu is gray with a mixture of other colors. It’s like, black, there is also red, or there is also ivory.

For the many kinds of Jragem, there is also a black base color for the fur. It is also called by the name Blirik Chicken. That’s because of its speckled fur with white, black, and red.

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This is Bangkok Blorok Chicken Variation

Almost similar to Bangkok chicken for the Jali variety. The Jali type has a pattern of neat spots. The Bangkok Blorok Chicken, in fact, leads to the pattern of the spots with the dominance of the white color.

Bangkok chicken like this Blorok is further differentiated into 2 types. It’s a normal Blorok too and there’s a Honey Blorok. Because there are additional combinations for red and green. And also the Bangkok Chicken Blorok like Honey is more sought after than from the usual Blorok.

In the market, the price for Bangkok chicken is actually quite expensive. If the existing Bangkok chicken is of high quality, it can even be priced at a dozen or even tens of millions of rupiah for each tail.…